30 de julho de 2010


As coisas iam tão bem até tudo virar de pernas pro ar. Hoje eu não sei mais o que sinto, não sei se é saudade, se eu ainda sinto alguma coisa por você, se ainda somos amigos, se você ainda lembra de mim, se eu ainda lembro de como eu era feliz, se um dia ainda vamos nos reencontrar, se tudo realmente aconteceu ou foi só um sonho... Não sei de mais nada. Será que meus amigos verdadeiros ainda são verdadeiros? Ainda são os mesmos? Será que eu mudei tanto ao ponto de não merecer a confiança de ninguém? Será que tudo ainda vai voltar a ser como era?

Queria que tudo isso voltasse tão rápido quanto se foi.

12 de julho de 2010

reblog and bold what is true!

01. I have made bad decisions.
02. Having my neck kissed is my weakness.
03. My pets are important to me.
04. I love having my picture taken.
05. I like Diet Coke better.
06. I am the oldest kid in my family.
07. I’ve experienced true boredom.
08. I feel mature and wise, and still young at heart.
09. I am good at helping people.
10. I hate tv.
11. I am sarcastic.
12. I wish nobody hurt anymore.
13. I half-listen to people sometimes when I should listen fully.
14. My friends are really weird!
15. I have a huge bedroom.
16. I’m not a member of the mile-high club.
17. I try to be a person of balance, but occasionally (or frequently) have extremes.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I hate how FOD makes the damn double-space.
20. I’m not tone deaf.
21. I love music.
22. Computers don’t like me.
23. I like to talk to random people.
24. I have little patience for small children.
25. I am not an attention whore.
26. I can be mean when I want to be.
27. I pretend to care sometimes.
28. I want to go to college.
29. I am intrigued by humanity at large.
30. I think Japanese people are strange as hell.
31. Everyone should be exposed to love at one time in their life.
32. I believe all children should learn more than one language. 
33. My cat is spoiled.
34. I am a spoiled little girl.
35. I wish we had more 2-hour-delays.
36. I love being organized, but am not.
37. Suicide is stupid.
38. I wish I exercised more.
39. I remember useless trivia.
40. I try to find something positive in every situation, although I am not always successful in doing so.
41. People like me.
42. I love to talk.
43. I love to write.
44. I think literature is a beautiful thing.
45. I like vegetables.
46. I dance like a black girl.
47. I type with my fingers on the wrong keys.
48. I am an awesome cook.
49. My hair is reddish-brown.
50. I’ve owned and lived in the same house for over 10 years.