23 de outubro de 2010

Christopher Miles (Skins)

Jal: I’ve been thinking about what Chris would have wanted to say today. The advice he’d give me. Wich would be something like, “you know what, babe, fuck it. The guys know all about me. Tell them about someone different”. So I thought I’d say something about a hero of Chris’s. A man called Captain Joe Kittinger. In 1960, climbing into a foil ballon, Camptain Joe ascended 32 kilometres into the stratosphere. And then, armed only with a parachute, he jumped out. He fell for four minutes and 36 seconds, reaching 714mph, before opening his parachute five kilometres above the Earth. It had never been done before and has never done since. He did it just because he could… and that’s why Chris loved him. Because the thing about was, he said yes. He said yes to everything. He loved everyone. He was the bravest boy…man I knew. And that was…He slung himself out of a foil balloon every day. Because he could. Because he was. And that’s why…and that’s why…we…we loved him.

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